Brunch Menu

Brunch served Tuesday - Saturday only

everything on this menu is either 100% plant-based or vegetarian, however every single dish can be vegan without compromise. 

French Toast

-A stack of sourdough french toast, blueberry compote & thyme infused maple syrup, finished with icing sugar. £7.00


Potato & Parsnip Hash Stack

-Hash of root veg, leek & mushroom, sweet tomato chutney, wilted greens & a sunny side up egg, finished with rice paper bacon. £7.00 (or double up for £2.00 extra)

Truffle Mushroom Crostini

Sourdough crostini, topped with wild mushrooms tossed through chilli & thyme truffle cream. Finished lemon zest. £7.00


Breakfast Rarebit

-Sourdough rarebit with a gooey cheese centre, fired off in the grill. Finished with fresh garden pesto & sweet tomato jam. (Add a fried egg for the ultimate treat! + £1.00) £7.50


Great British Fake Off  {Finishes at 12 noon}

-Pan-fried mushrooms, confit tomato, wilted greens, sweet rice paper bacon, crushed herby potatoes, 'posh' beans, Nottingham sourdough toast & a sunny side egg. £9.00


 Garden Risotto

-Warming garden pea & roasted hazelnut risotto, finished with lemon cream. £8.50


'Chicken' & Chips

-Spiced fried ‘chicken’ tossed through an orange & parsley gremolata, served with a fresh slaw & herby chips.



Winter Stew

-Rich chestnut & root vegetable stew, reduced down with rosemary, bay & red wine. Served with crusty bread & whipped salted butter. £8.00


-Pesto Chips £3.50

Fresh herby chips hit with pesto & sea salt.

-Popcorn 'Chicken' £4.00

-Green Salad £3.00

Crisp leaves tossed through extra virgin & lemon juice, finished with sweet balsamic.

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