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Here at No. Twelve, we are trying to change they way people view plant based food, making it accessible to all. 

Winter Squash Tart


Sustainability is one of our highest priorities. 

To help compact our carbon footprint we have been planting trees for the past 3 years! 

For every table that dines with us, we add a discretionary £1.23 onto the bill. Every donation plants a tree with Carbon Free Dining. 

We are working towards being a waste-less business. The syrups used in our cocktails are made using byproducts from our kitchen. And the byproducts from our juices on the bar are used by the kitchen to turn into exciting products for our menu, including sorbets and homemade ice creams.

Our fight to show people that plant based dining doesn't have to be boring is something we work tirelessly on, creating exciting, innovative food that we hope everyone will enjoy. 


We work alongside other local artisan businesses to bring you the most fresh and local produce. 

Our suppliers are all independent retailers specialising in their own amazing products. 

Here are some of our suppliers 

Fruit Basket (Nottingham)

Suppling our fresh fruits and vegetables

Batched Bakery (Nottingham) 

Weavers Wines -Nottingham

Supplying our amazing selection of wines 

Turing point Brewery - (Yorkshire)

Supplying our  American ale on draft  

Treacle Tart
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